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By Ana María Martínez

Checkout these recent commissions and read more below about the requirements to start your work of art.

Client's  Needs

For a commission, It is essential to know the client's needs in detail and if possible, to have several references that show important aspects such as shape, color, texture, etc.


Commission subjects include birds, dogs, cats, plants and any flora or fauna species.


This process is an exchange with me that provides information about the mediums, techniques and supports the client with ideas according to your requirements.

Rigor Illustration

The drawings is made with the rigor that is required of a scientific illustration, taking into account skills, observations, art techniques, precision, clarity and objectivity which are all important to represent specific details that show the information about the species.


The commission can be made in different techniques such as pencil, colored pencil, watercolor or mixed techniques. The size is not standard, because it can be accommodated to the technique and the needs of the client.


A 50% deposit is needed to secure the booking and the balance is only paid when you are 100% happy with the results. All payments are made via PayPal.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your commission.

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